Shopping With Mel

As you approach the bulging tank Cathlor's tentacles begin to flip frantically, splashing the fetid water across your face, and the gargling sounds become more furious. It sounds like a car alarm going off under the water.

You climb the short staircase to the top of the tank. A mouth gapes open at the top of Cathlor's head, revealing a fleshy tube of countless rows of yellow teeth. It flaps open and closed, awaiting the condoms. As you drop them in and hear the slack 'NYOM NYOM NYOM' of its chewing, Cathlor's angry gurgling softens into a low purr. You stroke around the beast's lips. Oddly, you feel a strong connection to this creature, as though you'd somehow been aware all along of this secret purpose behind your beliefs. A warm sense of belonging spreads up your arm and all through your body.

When you look down at your arm however, you realize that the warm sense of belonging is in fact the sensation of blinding agony one experience when their arm is chewed off by an octopus from space. With your remaining hand you try to grasp at the shoulder stump sticking out of the monster's mouth. However, it grabs at you, pulling it down into its razor-lined oesophagus.

You feel its teeth close around your skull, cracking it apart like a walnut.

You die.