Shopping With Mel

You are browsing the frozen items. Confusion reigns. Why does a supermarket which sells canned peas also sell frozen peas. Are peas in a can better than peas in a frozen bag? If so, why would anyone buy frozen peas? Wouldn't people be better saving their time and money from these needless, inferior peas?

You suspect you may have stumbled onto a vast conspiracy, perpetuated by a shadowy worldwide organization of Jews. A conspiracy to keep non-Jews, such as yourself, in a state of poor health, poverty and perpetual fear and confusion as to which peas are the correct peas to purchase whilst the Jews of the world dine on whichever variety of pea is the safest, or possibly a whole other variety of pea, possibly fresh peas.

As you're thinking this a Mexican-looking cleaner has intruded into your view, he is sweeping up a spillage of some frozen green beans which have evidently fallen out of a split bag. His presence annoys you. His appearance has snuffed out your previous thoughts.

Do you want to

go mad and attack him?
ignore him and carry on?