Shopping With Mel

You are cleaning up the pool of petrol you created, dragging the lighter fuel-soaked mop back and forth, all to no noticeable end. The fumes are beginning to give you a headache. You sit down on the floor for a rest. This brings you closer to the fumes, but no mind. You want a rest. You shouldn't have to be mopping the barbecue aisle in a provincial supermarket. You're Mel Gibson.

Your vision starts to swim. You feel you should stand up, maybe even go outside to get some fresh air. Breathing is becoming difficult. You start to imagine you're in a car with Tom Cruise. He's saying something you can't quite hear but it sounds like the word ;amazing'. You try to shake this hallucination off, but you can feel it growing denser in detail, stronger, more real. Had you been in  car all along, dreaming you were mopping up lighter fuel in a supermarket all along?

 Do you want to:

go with the hallucintion?
set fire to the remaining petrol?