Shopping With Mel

You are in the canned goods section. In your hand is a can which promises an entire cooked breakfast of beans, sausage, grits and an egg. This, you suspect, may be too good to be true. An elderly man in a turban shuffles past. You contemplate removing his turban and striking the can down repeatedly on his skull until its contents are revealed. Before you can do so, however, you hear a voice.

It says: 'Hey, Melly!'

You look around. The aisle is deserted, save for yourself and the elderly Hindu gentleman, now at the far end, crossing to the next aisle to browse the budget-price shampoos and conditioners.

'Down here, Melly! Down here!'

You look down. There are only cans.

'That's it. No, to the left slightly. A little more. One more can. That's it! Hey there!'

You crouch before the cans, the sound seems to be emanating from one in particular. A can of boiled baby carrots. You pick it up, inspecting it closely.

'I'm glad you found me, Melly!' it says. The voice is soft and high-pitched. 'I can help you! It's me, Michael Jackson. I've come back from the dead to help you. In the form of some canned vegetables. Take me with you!'

Do you want to

ignore it and continue shopping?
pick up the can and listen to what he's got to say?