Shopping With Mel

You look at some of the jams which are on display. You have no idea which jams you prefer. You pick up a jar of plum jam and put it into your trolley. Have you ever had plum? You have no idea.

A young man walks past you and stops to look at the loaves of bread. He is listening to music on some headphones. He has the volume up loud enough for you to hear. It's all noisy, distorted guitars with incomprehensible screaming over the top. You notice he's wearing a black t-shirt with the word 'Venom' written across the chest with a pentagram beneath it. It occurs to you that he looks somewhat like a parody of your lord and savior, Jesus Christ, with
his long, filthy hair, his casually blasphemous clothing, and the paltry baguette he eventually selects and drops into his basket. His proximity to you causes you to burn with anger. Luckily he continues on his way.

Before you are two aisles.

Do you want to:

go to the cereal section?
go to the canned good section?