Shopping With Mel

You are in a car with Tom Cruise. He is talking about Scientology. He keeps peppering his sentences with the word 'amazing'. You find it hard to listen to exactly what he's saying and wish he would stop speaking. But he won't. His words keep coming, like water from a tap that won't turn off. To give yourself something else to concentrate on you turn on the car's stereo system. Odd, synthesized blasts out of the speakers. A man's voice talks over the top. Much of what he's saying seems to be the exact same words and phrases you've just heard Tom Cruise saying.

'One of L. Ron Hubbard's albums,' explains Tom. 'He explains Scientology with this amazing spacey lounge-jazz stuff in the background. Great stuff! Amazing!'

The car you are both in is now speeding over a bridge. If you were planning on seizing the wheel and crashing the car, killing yourself and Tom Cruise, this would be the perfect time and place. After that you would be at peace, in heaven, rid of this jabbering, mortal, stupid world. In addition to this, it would stop Tom Cruise from repeatedly saying the word 'amazing'.

Do you want to:

crash the car?
continue to the Church of Scientology?